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Get a head start with health and wellness

Let us walk you through the options that come with your plan.

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Be inspired for better health

We want you to live your healthiest – so we offer resources to help support and motivate you.

UHC Rewards

Now your UnitedHealthcare plan offers a new way to earn up to $300 — at no additional cost to you. UnitedHealthcare Rewards lets you earn rewards for a variety of actions – many of which you may already be doing – and spend those rewards in a variety of ways.

With UHC Rewards, there are two ways to earn:

Reach daily goals

  • Track 5,000 steps or 15 minutes of activity daily
  • Double your daily steps or activity and earn even more
  • Track 14 nights of sleep

Complete one-time activities

  • Go paperless
  • Get a biometric screening
  • Take a health survey
  • Connect a tracker
  • Plus more activities to be added through the year

Get a first look at all the program offers

How do I get started?

For more on how to get started with UHC Rewards, download the member flier

One Pass – available as of July 1, 2024

Being healthy shouldn’t be a grind. With One Pass™, we’ve set out to make it fun, with activities from strength training and swimming to yoga and spin classes — not to mention grocery delivery that brings nutritious food right to your door.

  • A wide variety of in-person fitness classes to challenge you – regardless of your fitness level now
  • Digital apps that make fitness as convenient as turning on your device
  • Grocery and personal essentials delivered right to your home — at no extra cost with an in-person membership

Tiered memberships to fit your lifestyle

  • $29/mo
    10,000+ gym locations
  • $64/mo
    11,500+ gym and premium locations
  • $99/mo
    13,500+ gym and premium locations
  • $144/mo
    14,000+ gym and premium locations
  • $10/mo
    Digital-only plan

Getting started is simple

  • Log into > Health & wellness > My health & wellness
  • Go to the One Pass tab to find nearby fitness locations
  • Choose a membership tier, check out, and you’ll be assigned your One Pass member code
  • Have your code with you when you visit any participating location, and the staff will set you up for all future visits

Renew by UnitedHealthcare®

Renew helps inspire you to take charge of your health and wellness every day by providing a wide variety of useful resources and activities – all at no additional cost. You can easily explore all Renew has to offer from your member website.

  • Brain games
  • Health topic library
  • Learning courses
  • Interactive quizzes and tools
  • Recipe library
  • Renew Magazine
  • Renew Positivity

Are you ready to Renew?

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Real Appeal

Small changes may lead to long-term health results, so Real Appeal® drives the small behavior changes that may lead to lasting weight loss. Using an interactive internet show, videos and live online coaching, it gives you guidance, motivation and accountability that helps drive real change.

What it is

  • A digital program offering up to a year of weight-loss support
  • Based on research studies commissioned by the National Institutes of Health
  • Designed for members who are obese, overweight or just ready to lose weight

What it offers

  • A Success Kit to help you kickstart your weight loss and stay on track, including resources from workout DVDs to recipes and nutrition guides
  • A personal Transformation Coach to help guide and motivate you through a customized weight-loss program – plus a personalized online dashboard to track progress
  • 24/7 online support and mobile app to help you stay accountable to your goals, including goal trackers, online classes, expert health tips and more
Inspiring results
On average, participants lost 10 pounds after attending just 4 online classes.1

For more on how to get started with Real Appeal, download the member flier.
Or, if you’re ready, enroll now

See the appeal for yourself

See what real people have to say about the benefits of Real Appeal.

Annual physical and wellness visits

Good health starts with prevention, and preventive care should start early in the year, by scheduling your annual physical and wellness visits.

What’s the difference?

  • A physical is a head-to-toe exam, blood sugar test and cholesterol test. It’s a good time to review your medications and/or health concerns.
  • A wellness visit includes a blood pressure check, height and weight measurement and body mass index (BMI) test.

What’s the plan?

  • Your plan covers services that promote good health and earlier disease detection2, including:
    • Well Child
    • Well Woman
    • Adult Preventive exam
    • Immunizations
    • Age-appropriate screenings
  • You can ask your doctor to combine the visits into one convenient annual care appointment.2
  • You and your doctor can work as a team to create a preventive care plan for the year.

For more tips on prevention, see our preventive care guidelines page.
A flu shot is one of the easiest preventive steps you can take. Learn more here