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Access makes a difference

No prescription can be effective if you can’t get it filled, so we give you two convenient options:

  • An extensive pharmacy network67,000 sites nationwide that are simple to search and can connect with your doctors about important health data.
  • A pharmacy counter that comes to youwith OptumRx home deliveryhelping save you time and travel, and allowing you to stay contact-free when it’s needed.
Did you know?
Now your diabetic supplies and other life-saving medications are 100% covered under your pharmacy Benefit. Find out more in diabetes resources and in our Vital Medication Program flier (see the Resources below)
Have questions about what’s covered?
Our prescription drug list (PDL) has the answers.
Find it in the Resources

Special Rx needs call for specialized support

If you’re on a specialty medication, we can offer personalized supportnot only to help you find your medication, but to help you stay on it according to doctor’s orders, and to answer any questions about your prescription, or condition, that come up.

Optum Specialty Pharmacy supports you with a team of pharmacists and nurses who specialize in your conditionat no additional cost to youalong with:

  • The lowest cost on medications your plan offers
  • 24/7 access to pharmacists
  • Medication supplies at no extra cost
  • Refill reminders
  • Timely delivery, in confidential packaging