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Total Cost of Care Connection

Virtual Broker and Consultant Experience

United Healthcare

A new broker site that drives customer insights

Step inside to find cost-saving strategies

Our six cost-driver “booths” are meant to be visited virtually—as if in real life—and offer evidence of the ways Total Cost of Care may lower costs.

  • Actionable insights

    Reveals the way we use proprietary, intensive data analytics to develop insights and new affordability strategies.

  • Network & benefit design

    Shows how effectively UnitedHealth Premium® designation, tiered plan designs and may help drive informed member choices for care.

  • Rx / behavioral / specialty

    Illustrates how data gaps may lead to inefficiency in costs and care alike—and how integration is designed to close the loop.

  • Clinical management

    Details the UnitedHealthcare programs that help manage both common and chronic conditions—and the costs inherent to them.

  • Engagement & advocacy

    Demonstrates how dedicated advocacy may help drive member engagement—which in turn may drive quantifiable cost benefits.

  • Cost analysis & guarantee

    Underlines our commitment to the Total Cost of Care approach—with a net cost guarantee for your clients.

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