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Virtual Education Center

State of Maryland

United Healthcare

It’s nice to have options

Whatever your health concern, we can help you through it right where you are.


When everyday health issues come up, no need to go searching for answers or support; NurseLine takes you straight to the source, connecting you instantly with an experienced registered nurse anytime, anywhere.

  • Quick answers to your health questions, 24/7
  • Access to registered nurses with clinical experience
  • Guidance to help you make informed health care decisions

When you call, UnitedHealthcare nurses can help you

Learn about conditions and treatment options

  • Understand a wide range of symptoms
  • Learn more about a diagnosis
  • Explore the risks, benefits and possible outcomes of your treatment options
  • Determine what type of care may be right for you

Choose a health care provider

  • Find doctors or hospitals that meet your needs
  • Locate an urgent care center and other health resources in your area

Get recommendations on healthy living

  • Get tips on how nutrition and exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight
  • Learn about important health screenings and immunizations

24/7 Virtual Visits

Any health concern can be stressful, and waiting for office hours can make it more so. Our 24/7 Virtual Visits are designed to help shorten the wait – getting you answers and care, direct from a medical professional.

  • Connect with any designated network providers by phone or video, anytime day or night
  • Fast access to advice and care beyond the everyday – especially for ad hoc or urgent needs
  • Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone1 with a webcam via® or the UnitedHealthcare app
  • Answers to medical questions, diagnoses, and prescriptions

Common questions

Virtual Primary Care

Your primary care provider (PCP) is the doctor who knows you best, from routine checkups to the chronic or complex health conditions you’re dealing with. Yet office visits aren’t always the most convenient. Luckily, you can now connect with a PCP – and their team of health care professionals – through® and the UnitedHealthcare app, so the team that already knows you comes to you.

  • A virtual provider you can see on an ongoing basis – the same one every time
  • A means of fostering a relationship with a PCP
  • A virtual care team who’ll guide you, when needed, to in-person care like lab work, imaging, specialists and more
  • Regular support and follow-up from your care team, to be sure you’re taken care of
  • Ideal if you have issues getting around or have trouble fitting office visits into your schedule
  • Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone with a webcam via or the UnitedHealthcare app

Common questions

Virtual Behavioral Health Visits

Living your best life means caring for the whole you, but finding help for issues like anxiety or depression may be daunting. With Virtual Behavioral Health Visits, you can connect with an experienced, caring behavioral specialist right from home.

  • Video chat with a specialist anytime, day or night
  • Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone with a webcam via® or the UnitedHealthcare app
  • Support for addiction, depression, trauma, loss, stress or anxiety

Common questions

Telehealth with your own provider

Like a Virtual Primary Care visit, these are virtual visits that save you the trouble of visiting your doctor in person. Unlike Virtual Primary Care visits, the telehealth visits let you see any network provider, not just the list of approved PCPs on® and the UnitedHealthcare app.

  • Video chat with a network provider of your choice – PCPs, specialists, behavioral health providers and physical therapists among them
  • The technology used to access the virtual visit is determined by the provider, not UnitedHealthcare

3 steps to a smooth visit

  1. Find a quiet, well-lit spot where you won’t be interrupted, and take a few minutes to prepare before your telehealth visit
  2. Have your medical background ready – like questions, medication information and your UnitedHealthcare ID card
  3. Check your tech – test your internet, charge or plug in your device, position and steady your camera, and follow any prep instructions from your provider (like downloading an app or creating an account)

Common questions