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Where to go for care

It’s important to find a primary care provider (PCP) you trust for ongoing attention to your health, but here are tips to consider when something comes up:

  • See your PCP (or a 24/7 Virtual Visit) if

    It’s a minor issue, like a cold or bumps and scrapes. This is usually the least expensive option. (A 24/7 Virtual Visit is a $0 copay.)*
    Why else is your PCP important? Visit the Resources to find out

  • Go to Urgent Care if

    It’s more involved, like back pain, stitches or X-rays. Urgent care is generally more cost-effective than an ER visit.
  • Go to the ER if

    It can’t wait. Any life-threatening or sudden severe condition, call 911 and/or go to the emergency room.

Common or chronic conditions

Dealing with any of these health issues? We can help.

Behavioral health & substance use disorder services

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you shouldn’t have to wait for regular office hours. Whether for everyday challenges or more serious problems, your behavioral health benefit offers access to online resources around the clock.

Common concerns

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Anger management
  • Coping with grief or loss
  • Marital problems
  • Domestic violence
  • Eating disorders
  • Compulsive spending or gambling
  • Medication management

Common questions

Help is a click or a call away

When a visitvirtual or otherwiseisn’t feasible, you still have access to a wealth of resources for emotional support.

  • 24/7 phone support from professionally trained service experts
  • AbleTo mobile app, for on-demand help with stress, anxiety or depression
  • Behavioral health hotlines to help you deal with a range of issues, from substance use disorder to domestic violence to suicide prevention and more

For specifics on the support resources ready to help, visit the Resources

Special attention for those with special needs

Caring for children with special needs can be complex, overwhelming and costly. The Optum Special Needs Navigator program offers ongoing supportat no additional costfor issues from ADHD, to development delays, to mood disorders and more.

Learn more in the Resources.

Did you know?
1 in 5 children has special needs.1

Quit For Life

If tobacco is has a stranglehold on you, we can help you breathe easier. The Quit For Life® program has tools, tips and personal support to help you live tobacco-free:

  • Online support and action plan
  • Quit For Life mobile app
  • Medications to help you quit2
  • Live Tobacco-Free course
  • Support from a Quit Coach®
  • Text2Quit® and messages

Diabetes resources

From weight management and other diabetes prevention strategies to cost-effective care if you’re living with the disease, we’re here with the resources to help you stay on top of your health.

  • Our Real Appeal® program is designed to give you access to experts who’ll help you develop, and stick with, a healthy weight loss plan
  • Your network care provider can help guide you to CDC-certified, on-site diabetes prevention programs
  • Diabetic supplies, like continuous glucose monitors, are now 100% coveredat no additional cost to youunder both your medical and pharmacy benefits
Have Type 2 diabetes? Lasting changes may start with Level2®
Try the Level2 glucose monitoring system, and eliminate the constant finger sticks. Learn more in the Resources

Maternity Support

When you’re expecting, you can expect help from us, every step of the way. Maternity Support connects you with a maternity nurse who can answer your questions and help keep your baby, and you, in good health.

  • Help in choosing an obstetrician or nurse midwife, as well as a pediatrician or other specialist
  • Information to help you take care of your health, and your baby’seven if your pregnancy is considered high risk
  • Support in managing your own physical and mental health before and after your baby is born
  • Maternity-related courses to address every stage of pregnancyavailable on®
We help make it easier
Maternity Support helps address care needs at every stage of pregnancy.